How to create invoices as a freelance developer (using free services)

If you're a freelance developer or consultant, creating invoices each month can be time consuming and tedious. Most devs use spreadsheets, word documents or time tracking tools, but developers still spend on average over 2 hours a month creating invoices*.

This is a lot of wasted time! Worse yet, manually created invoices are often inaccurate. This leads to a back-and-forth with clients over invoicing requirements and more wasted time and potentially underpaid invoices. That's why every modern developer should take advantage of free invoicing tools like CommitSheet.

CommitSheet is a free invoicing service created specifically for developers that let's you generate invoices from github commits! Developers already leave a detailed history of their work in version control, so why not use it to generate timesheets and invoices?

Simply select repositories you worked on over a range of dates, provide your billing information, and CommitSheet will generate a beautiful, accurate, and highly professional invoice in seconds that includes calculated billing amounts and commit messages for each day you worked.

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* CommitSheet developer survey 2018

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